Gaze upon Toyama's grand natural vistas from the train window.

The Toyama Chihou Railway connects Toyama's city center with tourist destinations both in and outside the city.
Visible from the tracks are the coastline, fields, and gorgeous vistas that include mountain ridges and other unspoiled landscapes of Japan. Enjoy a relaxing, mind-opening trip through the natural environments of Toyama.

Line Map


Dentetsu-Toyama Terada Shin-Kurobe Unazuki-Onsen Tateyama
Dentetsu-Toyama - \530 \1,200 \1,880 \1,230
Terada \530 - \1,200 \1,610 \1,040
Shin-Kurobe \1,200 \1,200 - \640 \1,930
Unazuki-Onsen \1,880 \1,610 \640 - \2,140
Tateyama \1,230 \1,040 \1,930 \2,140 -

■A limited express fee of ¥210 for the entire segment of travel, and ¥110 for a partial segment of travel, will apply.
■Child fare is half the price of Adult fare. (rounded up to the nearest ¥10.)


Toyama Sta. Local Area Map

Terada Station

Tateyama Station

Shin-Kurobe Station

Unazuki-Onsen Station

Boarding trains at unmanned stations

Instructions are given in English on trains.


Please take a numbered ticket from the rear door on the first car.


Please provide payment to the conductor at the front of the first car.