The tram service that conveniently connects the south and north sides of Toyama Station

This tram service, called “Shiden” by the locals, connects the downtown area and Iwasehama Beach via Toyama Station. They operate some specially designed cars, such as the stylish low-floor trams and the classic car with wooden interior features. This service plays an essential role in the lives of the local community as they use it for commuting and shopping, but it is also a convenient mode of transportation for tourists.

Route Map


Adults ¥210, Children ¥110


Boarding Tram

Instructions are given in English on trains.

  • When boarding trams, use the entrance door in the middle or rear of the car.
  • To disembark, wait until your stop is announced and then put the nearby"降車"(disembark) button. Use the exit door in the front when disembarking.
  • Fares are paid when disembarking. Before stepping off the tram, insert payment into the fare box at the front of the car.

*As exact fare is required, use the money changer at the front or back of the car if necessary.
Please note that fare boxes cannot produce change.
(Note) ¥10,000, ¥5,000, and ¥2,000 bills are not accepted.

  • Tram platform