Toyama's "Shiden," a tram for travel throughout the city

This tram services downtown Toyama. The "Shiden," as it is fondly known, takes many city inhabitants to work, school, and shopping destinations. Route 1 connects Minamitoyamaeki-mae and Toyama Sta, Route 2 takes passengers between Minamitoyamaeki-mae and Toyama Daigaku-mae via Toyama Sta, while Route 3 forms a loop line that circuits between Toyama Sta. and Grand Plaza‒mae. Trains arrive every 10 to 20 minutes on these three lines. Passengers can ride in modern, low-floor cars or retro-style cars.

Route Map


Adults ¥210, Children ¥110

(Adults: 12 years of age and older, Children: 6 to 11 years of age)
*Elementary school students who are 12 years old may still be classified as children.


Boarding Tram

Instructions are given in English on trains.

  • When boarding trams, use the entrance door in the middle or rear of the car.
  • To disembark, wait until your stop is announced and then put the nearby"降車"(disembark) button. Use the exit door in the front when disembarking.
  • Fares are paid when disembarking. Before stepping off the tram, insert payment into the fare box at the front of the car.

*As exact fare is required, use the money changer at the front or back of the car if necessary.
Please note that fare boxes cannot produce change.
(Note) ¥10,000, ¥5,000, and ¥2,000 bills are not accepted.

  • Tram platform

  • Tram platform